Pearson K12 UX Style Guide

Having an experienced WordPresser around is handy

This style guide is the brainchild of our the Pearson UXMen’s fearless leader, Alex Bussa. The idea was to put document our design patterns in a way that is useful to developers and, to be frank, make us look awesome.

A True Team Effort

Alex’s WordPress development experience allowed our team to collaborate on a site that looks great, is easy for our developers to browse, and easy for us to update. My major contribution involved standardizing the way we document design patterns on the site. This included working with the team to develop logical categories of documentation and designing distinct annotations for each one. I put together a master Sketch file that gives the designers on our team the ability to create assets for documenting clickable area, measurements, spacing, etc in a consistent way across the whole site.



In addition, the site features documentation of colors, typography, and even our own icon font we update regularly. Developers also can find links directly to our latest design deliverables (behind password protection of course) sorted by release. Even though we’ve started making the jump to more efficient annotation tools like Zeplin, this style guide still serves valiantly as our design bible of proven concepts that look pretty and delight our users.