Pearson EasyBridge

One platform to manage them all

EasyBridge is a platform that allows you to manage student/teacher users, classes, and Pearson product subscriptions across all other major Pearson platforms like Realize and SuccessNet. All Pearson customers have access to this platform.

Learning to own the design

EasyBridge began a concept that was in development for quite a while. In its initial stages another designer on our team offered consulting and design support before it had a proper name and brand. Some time later it was brought to our attention that this mysterious platform had found its identity as Pearson EasyBridge. By this time our team had gotten a lot more popular within the company with each of us owning the design and user experience on multiple products.

EasyBridge was given to me.

The greatest challenge that came with working on EasyBridge was that most of its actual development had already been completed. Aside from our team’s initial consultation and design support the whole thing was developed without further input from us. At first it felt like all I really had the ability to do was re-skin it, but over time I improved my ability to challenge the existing functionality and really start improving upon EasyBridge’s foundation. And thankfully the development team was all for making improvements. Now just about every available feature is the result of a true collaboration of design and development.

I’m supporting EasyBridge to this day working with the development team to create new features and improve its user experience.

Crafting Better deliverables

During the course of this project I learned the importance of delivering more than just static screens to fully articulate my designs. This included creating information architecture diagrams and building functional prototypes for the notification behavior.

Marketing Site Information Architecture

Notification Behavior Prototype

User Flows

These are a few of the many user flows I’ve designed for EasyBridge.

Select a school

Add a student to a class

Edit new year rollover information