I’m Jordan Hedges, a UX designer.a design unicorn.an online content creator.a gamer.happily married.a Genji player.a terrible Gwent player.

UI/UX Design at Pearson

I’ve been crafting experiences for education platforms used by teachers and K-12 students as a member of Pearson’s UXMen since 2012. Whether I’m wireframing a new feature to help kids learn to write or building a functional web prototype for our next ego-busting user test, it’s never ceased to provide new learning opportunities.

User Experience Points

UXP is a YouTube series I created about UX Design in video games that ran for 35 consecutive weekly episodes. This solo production included animating the intro below in After Effects, capturing game footage, writing scripts, recording narration, and a lot of editing. I’ve since ended the weekly schedule to focus on other projects, but count on more episodes in the near future.